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Q&A: My boyfriend has unconscious feelings for his ex-girlfriend

Tweet I just realized my boyfriend has unconscious feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Some of his actions made me get to that conclusion. He said he was over here since 5 years ago, but I told him and after a while I managed to make him see what I saw. So he admitted it (or at […]

Q&A: I still love a girl I met 30 years ago

Tweet Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. 30 years ago I met this girl at a caravan park. We had the best 2 weeks. Then it was time for her to go home. We were so upset.  Luckily, it turned out that she lived only 5 km away. 3 months later I […]

Out, Damned Spot: Using Soap to Wash Away Your Negative Feelings

Tweet Showering is no doubt the last thing on your mind when you feel unloved, depressed, guilty or sad. Sometimes extreme depression can make everyday routines seem like major hassles. Just moving from your bed or couch to the bathroom can seem impossible. But when you feel absolutely terrible, forcing yourself into the shower or washing […]

Men Who Hate Women

Tweet The misogynists. You may have heard of them. But what you may not know is that they can be anywhere around you. They are notoriously hard to spot. They do not come with a label attached to them, and they may even come across as woman lovers. In most cases, misogynists do not know […]

Painful Reminders

Tweet My coauthor Catherine Behan has a new promotional video out. She has had several very different reactions to it. Some viewers got mad, some got sad and some got happy. Why does one video trigger such different responses? Movies and fiction, more generally, trigger affective responses: reflexes, moods and complex emotions. We feel pity […]

Q&A: Signs of an Avoidant Attachment Style

Tweet From comment section: Dear Dr. Brit and Catherine, If you’re in a relationship with someone, what behaviors could you look for that might indicate an avoidant attachment style? C.O. Share

That Her World Was Not Real

Tweet Another moving clip from Inception: Cobb stops outside the Victorian house, Mal’s childhood home, looking up at it. He heads inside… COBB: And when I found that place, that secret place where she had shut away her knowledge years before, I broke it open… Share

In-Between Cases of Love

Tweet Is the love of your life acting ambiguously? One minute he is all over you and then you don’t hear from him for weeks? One natural explanation of this behavior is that your guy’s emotions are partially conscious and partially unconscious. Sometimes he feels them. Sometimes he is unable to hide them. But apparently […]

Love Isn’t Always Conscious

Tweet Unconscious emotions are not always the enemy. Without unconscious emotions love cannot last. When you are in love, your consciously felt emotions can be so intense that they can make you shake like a leaf in a thunderstorm. The sight of wonder boy can make your heart pound so hard that you think it will make […]

Can Love Be Unconscious?

Tweet I say “yes”. But this answer is controversial. Some think that unconscious love and the in-between cases of love are not true cases of love, that love is transitory and intermittent at best. Philosopher Annette Baier, for example, holds that “emotions are felt”, and that “they are episodic, lasting minutes rather than days”. Share

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