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Q&A: Should I make my lover divorce his wife?

Tweet My husband and I had seperated for a little over a year and I started dating this man that told me he was going through a divorce. After about six months of dating he told me he needed to discuss something with me but he was very afraid of loosing me. He opened up […]

Q&A: Can You Ever Fully Trust Another Human Being?

Tweet Hi Brit and Catherine, Thanks for your answer. I hope you don’t mind if I continue this discussion. I agree with you that we need to distinguish between a crush and love. And what you said about relationships developing from friendships, that’s exactly what I used to say when I was much younger. I […]

Q&A: Is True Love Possible?

Tweet Hi Brit and Catherine, I’ve been taking a look at your blog. It seems to me (but the impression may be wrong) that you focus too much on guys’ defects. But well… What I’d like to ask you, from a somehow philosophical point of view, is whether you think that true love (to use […]

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