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Q&A: My ex didn’t want to have sex. Could I have acted differently?

Tweet I met someone recently who seemed to think I was utterly fantastic, although she didn’t want to have a relationship. We hung out nearly every day for about a week and a half and I even stayed at her place. Although she didn’t want a relationship, we were still rather affectionate with each other: […]

Q&A: My friend has told me she has feelings for me

Tweet My friend has told me she has feelings for me, more than I realize, she says. Yet she also says she needs time and space, so she is suppressing her feelings. What is she telling me? Is it she really doesn’t want to see me any longer or is she afraid of something? Like […]

Avoidant Attachment Style: Carrie’s Story

Tweet “I am afraid we cannot accept your paper in its current form”. The words on the screen laughed at her, stuck their tongues out at her, made little childish sounds at her. Carrie’s heart flipped over in her chest. She felt nauseous. Carrie marked the email with a star and returned to some emails […]

Can You Really Marry Dead People?

Tweet According to one order of women called ‘Consecrated Virgins’, you can. These women literally marry Jesus. They give up their bodies to Jesus and promise to live as virgins serving him for the rest of the earthly lives.  In August 2008 Kathy Reda, an emergency room nurse at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, became betrothed to Jesus […]

Why is the Unattainable So Hot?


Tweet We desire things we can’t get, including unattainable romantic partners. Why is the unattainable so hot? Here is the standard answer: The unattainable is in some sense rare. Rare things are valuable. As we value what we know is valuable, we want that man or woman we can’t get. All this may be true. […]

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