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Q&A: My husband doesn’t want to have sex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit, My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years. We dated monogamously for 3 years before that. Up until about a year ago, we had a normal and mutually gratifying sex life. Then suddenly, it stopped. We’ve had sex once in that time, 9 months ago, after I […]

Q&A: My boyfriend is concerned about my herpes infection

Tweet I am a 40 year old female that met a man earlier this year who asked me to get tested for STDs almost as soon as we met. He has no STDs at all. I did and thought that I would come back with a a completely clean record other than HSV-1. I had […]

Q&A: Love Sickness and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Tweet Since I have a tendency for heart disease, do you suppose that the herpes virus-5 [HHV-5) infection of my arterial endothelium, would classify me as having been love sick?  I understand mega-dosage levels of Vitamin C, clinically proven in the early forties, will wipe-out any virus, since unlike antibiotics and vaccines it is not […]

Human Papillona Virus (HPV) and Hookups

Tweet This is the second part of my Sexual Ethics lecture from last Monday on the HPV virus. Besides being a completely different virus, there are many transmission- risk and immune-response differences between herpes and HPV: Whereas there are only two types of the herpes virus, there are more than 40 HPV types that can […]

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