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Natural Medicine and Yoga to Cure Your Lovesickness

Tweet The Qi Revolution now offers 4 days of Qigong healing of stress and emotional pain on an ongoing tour around the country. The next gathering takes place in Orlando. Qigong, a 5000 year old Chinese art for improving health, has had a recent surge in popularity primarily as a result of these large events […]

Memories, Mentality, and Making it Work

Tweet By Hannah Bondurant It’s hard forgetting a rough break-up or getting over an emotionally draining fight. But time does go on and memories fade as the neural pathways begin to weaken. Still, the past can have the power to affect the present. State-dependent or context-dependent memory is a well-established phenomenon in psychology. This occurs […]

How to boost your immune system and rejuvenate romance

Feeling sexy is hard with your nose red and lips raw. The raspy voice could be a possible advantage, but breaking away from a kiss to hack up mucous is a bit of a turn-off.

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