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Causes and Treatments of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Tweet In our last post, we considered signs that Elliot Rodger had narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), according NPD’s DSM-5 criteria. Researchers estimate that 1% of the general population has lifelong NPD. That’s one person in one hundred. And the prevalence of narcissism may be increasing. (Twenge et al, 2014) That means you and I encounter NPD often, in other people and perhaps in ourselves. […]

What is a ‘psychological disorder’?

Tweet When it comes to navigating personal relationships, it’s to our advantage to be sensitive to mental health issues. Our mental health as well as the mental health of those we love is crucial to successful interaction. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around one in four adults in the United States is diagnosable for one […]

Gain Self-Knowledge by Practicing Mindfulness

Tweet Previously we explained how ignorance of our own personalities can impede our personal growth and relationships. Blind spots to self-knowledge, or what I’m calling ‘self-blindness,’ is so common it seems basic to the human condition. How can we overcome it? First, we can indicate barriers to self-knowledge, and second, practicing mindfulness may help us gain self-knowledge. […]

Empathy Erosion and Treating People Like Objects

Tweet By guest blogger Amy Broadway Earlier this May, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus escaped from a partially boarded-up home in Cleveland, Ohio. The nation suspects 52-year-old Ariel Castro individually kidnapped the women over a decade ago, imprisoning them in his home and psychologically and physically torturing them until their escape. Cuyahoga County […]

Q&A: My boyfriend and I have the exact opposite personality traits

Tweet If my personality assessment is Introverted Intuiting Feeling Judging, and I am in a relationship with a man with the assessment Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving, should I expect failure of this relationship, or could I be doomed to stay in the relationship because of the dynamics of my own personality? “Lucy” Share

Q&A: I do not take men seriously. They take up too much time and energy

Tweet I am a 29 year old woman and I just realized I am a love avoidant.  I have a very dysfunctional family, to say the very least.  My brother closest to my age is a drug addict and it affected me greatly during my childhood.  We were best friends and he devastated me. My oldest […]

Q&A: Am I going insane, or was my ex’s behavior strange?

Tweet Hi there, nine months ago I bumped into a guy I know from my school days, and who I’ve worked with briefly. Let’s call him Adam. I was seeing someone else at the time but it was coming to an end anyway because I wasn’t in love with him. Myself and Adam completely hit […]

Secret Schizoid Personality Disorder

Tweet In an earlier post I briefly touched on “secret” schizoid personality disorder. Here is the relevant passage from the post: Do you have “secret” schizoid personality disorder? (See Masterson and Klein, Disorders of the Self) Schizoid personality disorder is a clear avoidance of interpersonal relationships, social interactions and social exposure. However, people with secret schizoid […]

Listen to your gal pals, ladies

Tweet By Hannah Bondurant Social psychology and theories of personality have shown us that the perception you have of yourself is not necessarily the same that others’ have of you. Whether you’re narcissistic, depressed, or just normal, this incongruence has been demonstrated in labs and life. There’s an application on Facebook called “Honesty Box” which […]

Q&A: Get Rid of Your Avoidant Personality Disorder

Tweet I’ve stumbled upon your fearful-avoidant attachment blog/post/thread.  That’s the answer I’ve been looking for: how can one approach someone with fearful-avoidant style such that the odds are that they will be somewhat receptive to what is said to them about their “issue”?  I’m 2/3 secure and 1/3 preoccupied (only the good parts – i.e. […]

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