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Self-blindness Harms Relationships

Tweet By Amy Broadway You’re lunching in the office lounge, and your coworker Daphne is bogarting the conversation. Whenever someone introduces a topic, she interjects a long anecdote about herself. Phil brings up a movie. Daphne cuts in, talking about a time she saw someone who looks like Tom Hanks at IHOP. Molly mentions her […]

Q&A: As he was leaving, he held my face and kissed me and wiped my tears

Tweet Hi Dr. Brit, I’m 17 years old and I’m kind of lost as to what to do. Recently I dated a man who was 20 and it kind of was a fling, you could say. I met him at a rave and we took about a week to hang out and get to know […]

Q&A: Should I make my lover divorce his wife?

Tweet My husband and I had seperated for a little over a year and I started dating this man that told me he was going through a divorce. After about six months of dating he told me he needed to discuss something with me but he was very afraid of loosing me. He opened up […]

Q&A: Why is my boyfriend too scared to continue our relationship?

Tweet My boyfriend and I have been dating for ten months. Today he told me he doesnt think he is ready for a relationship and broke up with me. I asked him why he would be ready for a relationship for ten months but all of a sudden he isn’t. His response was, “I don’t […]

Take back the driver’s seat: 10 steps to regain control of your relationship

Tweet Do you feel the power has been shifting in your relationship? Did you suddenly find yourself adjusting your calendar according to your partner’s schedule, canceling appointments to have lunch with him (or her), waiting for him to call or write, following him around like a little puppy dog? This is bad news. People might […]

Q&A: My boyfriend resents me

Tweet I’ve been in a 4 year relationship with my boyfriend, a few years ago he lost his job in the the stock market sector due to the economy. Gradually over the years he lost everything from his house, to his car, savings; subsequently forced to move back home with his mother. His father left […]

Q&A: My boyfriend doesn’t want sex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Catherine, I have a kind of unusual problem. I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years but for the last four months he has not wanted to have sex. We never used to have a lot of sex but we would at least have sex three times a […]

Sex, Romance and Menopause

Tweet If you are a woman anywhere near 50, you either just went through menopause or you are going to go through it within the next five years. How is that going to affect your sex life? And how will you respond chemically to new love affairs and breakups? “Menopause” means the end of menstruation. […]

Memories, Mentality, and Making it Work

Tweet By Hannah Bondurant It’s hard forgetting a rough break-up or getting over an emotionally draining fight. But time does go on and memories fade as the neural pathways begin to weaken. Still, the past can have the power to affect the present. State-dependent or context-dependent memory is a well-established phenomenon in psychology. This occurs […]

You may be confused about love because “love” is a gradable verb

Tweet There is no doubt about it. Communication means everything in a relationship. Too many glitches in communication can mean the end of a wonderful romance. But did you know that what you learned about grammar in grammar school could influence how well you handle all the phases of a relationship? Share

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