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Elliot Rodger’s Narcissism

Tweet Last Saturday morning, the U. S. found out that Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old, went on a murderous rampage Friday night in Isla Vista, CA. Isla Vista is a pretty, beach town, filled with seemingly immortal, young students with lives of sunshine and partying. My brother lives there, two blocks from where the chaos ensued. I became interested in the story as […]

Extreme Jealousy in Relationships

Tweet Jealousy and envy are painful emotions that can be hard to distinguish from one another, says Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D., former President of the University of Haifa, Professor of Philosophy and the author of In the Name of Love. When you are jealous, you fear that you may lose a loved one’s affection or favoritism […]

Q&A: My boyfriend has unconscious feelings for his ex-girlfriend

Tweet I just realized my boyfriend has unconscious feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Some of his actions made me get to that conclusion. He said he was over here since 5 years ago, but I told him and after a while I managed to make him see what I saw. So he admitted it (or at […]

Q&A: My boyfriend broke up with me because of my past love relationships

Tweet My boyfriend of 5 months broke up with me because of my past with other guys. By the way he describes my past, it seems like I was a whore who had multiple partners at one time when in truth, that wasn’t the case. (He lost his virginity to me) He keeps acting strange […]

If you love something, set it free

Tweet “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be”. What is behind this old saying? Some interpret it as a description of fate. Only fate can determine whether a relationship was meant to be. So, if you let someone go, they will […]

Jealousy and Different Attachment Styles

Tweet Many studies over the years have shown that men tend to be more jealousy when their partner engages in sex with another man than if she is getting emotionally involved with the guy without having sex with him. Women, on the other hand, are more jealous if their man is getting emotionally involved with […]

Q&A: I am Jealous of My Husband

Tweet Hi Dr. Brit and Catherine, Thanks for your articles on jealousy. I thought they were really interesting even though they don’t really answer my question. I am writing because I have an odd kind of jealousy problem. Basically, our two-year old daughter always prefers my husband over me and it’s killing me. I have […]

When the Green-Eyed Monster Gets the Best of You

Tweet There is a reason jealousy is called “the green-eyed monster”. It can tear apart relationships that were going just fine. It can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. It can ensure that your ex will never look your way again. It can pour a bucket of water over the flame that was still burning inside your […]

What To Do If You Don’t Want Him Back

Tweet Did you get dumped? Do you want him back? Or do you prefer if he moves to another town to avoid ever running into you again? If you do happen to want him to run away faster than a race horse, here is what to do (make sure to do all of them at […]

When Jealousy Leads to Disaster

Tweet Herman Tarnower was a cardiologist and author of the bestseller The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet. Being a doctor of society’s wealthiest people was Herman’s main goal in life. Herman started a medical practice in the Scarsdale area of New York specializing in cardiology and internal medicine. He later started the first cardiopulmonary laboratory between […]

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