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Elliot Rodger’s Narcissism

Tweet Last Saturday morning, the U. S. found out that Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old, went on a murderous rampage Friday night in Isla Vista, CA. Isla Vista is a pretty, beach town, filled with seemingly immortal, young students with lives of sunshine and partying. My brother lives there, two blocks from where the chaos ensued. I became interested in the story as […]

The Irrationality of Love

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Q&A: Why do I keep putting up with verbally abusive behavior?

Tweet I thank you for your previous response as I wrote to you on May 1st, and I have been following up with the suggested readings and have entered counseling. However, I made a stupid mistake. I took him back. About 6 weeks ago I found out I had breast cancer and had subsequently received […]

Irrational Dating Behavior

Tweet Most of us are highly irrational. We take a small chance of harm very seriously even when we shouldn’t. In recent studies it was shown that when people are presented with the option of buying two cars, both equipped with airbags, they will choose the car with the least effective airbag in some circumstances. […]

Love and Hate

Tweet According to an old saying, the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference. Recent scientific studies show that there is some truth to this claim. The areas of the brain associated with hate are entirely different from those associated with other negative emotions, including fear and sadness. Fear and sadness are significantly correlated with […]

That Her World Was Not Real

Tweet Another moving clip from Inception: Cobb stops outside the Victorian house, Mal’s childhood home, looking up at it. He heads inside… COBB: And when I found that place, that secret place where she had shut away her knowledge years before, I broke it open… Share

In-Between Cases of Love

Tweet Is the love of your life acting ambiguously? One minute he is all over you and then you don’t hear from him for weeks? One natural explanation of this behavior is that your guy’s emotions are partially conscious and partially unconscious. Sometimes he feels them. Sometimes he is unable to hide them. But apparently […]

Sometimes Love is Irrational

Tweet Yes, sometimes you should not be feeling what you feel. Sometimes you should not be in love when you are. Sometimes your love is unjustified and irrational, and you ought to get rid of it. “But, wait a minute”, you may say, “if I can’t help but feel in love, then surely it makes […]

A Virtual Love Affair

Tweet In their article “Virtual Life.  An Actual Death” American author and artist Mark Stephen Meadows and Northwestern Professor of Philosophy Peter Ludlow tell the story of Carmen Hermosillo.[1] Carmen died on August 10, 2008.  The official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia and lupus erythematosus. But the authors tell a more gruesome story about […]

Could It Be Post Romantic Stress Disorder?

Tweet By Love Coach Catherine Behan “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I stare at the cell phone hoping he will call. What’s wrong with me?” Why do break ups hit so hard and take so long to get over? In the weeks and months following your break up, if you struggle to move on, […]

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