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Q&A: Getting Over An Abusive Ex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Amy B., I just got dumped from a 9-year relationship with someone who emotionally abused me. You’re probably thinking, ‘Great! You just dodged a bullet.’ And that’s what all my friends say, but I don’t believe it. I want him back, and if he called me up right now and said, “I’m sorry,” I would […]

Feature of the love book in Miami Herald

Tweet Here is a feature of my latest book On Romantic Love in Miami Herald.                         In On Romantic Love, Berit Brogaard attempts to get to the bottom of love’s many contradictions. This short book, informed by both historical and cutting edge philosophy, psychology, and […]

Adolescents are Prone to Love Addiction

Tweet Adolescence spans from roughly age twelve to as late as twenty-five, with the late teens and early twenties sometimes called ‘emerging adulthood.’ During this important and exciting phase of life, individuals transition from being children to being adults. Specific aspects of physical, social, and personality maturation affect the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of adolescents. […]

What is a ‘psychological disorder’?

Tweet When it comes to navigating personal relationships, it’s to our advantage to be sensitive to mental health issues. Our mental health as well as the mental health of those we love is crucial to successful interaction. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around one in four adults in the United States is diagnosable for one […]

Complicated Grief Test

Tweet I have discussed complicated grief with respect to breakups in an earlier post here at Lovesick. If you want to test whether you suffer from complicated grief, I now have a test for you. I have posted it over at the Breakup Cleanse blog. Share

The Chemistry of Emotional Pain

Tweet When someone hurts our feelings or rejects us, we often feel emotional pain. Emotional pain is typically felt in the chest or tummy region. It thus makes sense that almost all cultures use terms for organs in the chest or tummy region to speak of a broken heart. Emotional pain can no doubt be […]

Using the Principles of the Sinclair Method to Cure Love Obsession

Tweet One of the hardest addictions to quit is addiction to alcohol. Researchers have been working for years to come up with a cure. For many years, the closest thing to a cure of alcoholism or excessive binge drinking was the rehab cure. Place the addict in a controlled setting that monitors him 24/7. This […]

Virtual Reality as a Treatment of Emotional Pain

Tweet Kim Borkowski, an excellent graduate student in our neuroscience program, called my attention to some fascinating work done by Barbara Rothbaum, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Rothbaum studied under Edna Foa, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at […]

Painful Reminders

Tweet My coauthor Catherine Behan has a new promotional video out. She has had several very different reactions to it. Some viewers got mad, some got sad and some got happy. Why does one video trigger such different responses? Movies and fiction, more generally, trigger affective responses: reflexes, moods and complex emotions. We feel pity […]

Q&A: Can you die from a broken heart?

Tweet Dear “Ava”, Thank you for your note. That’s a very good question. The short answer is “yes”. You can indeed die from a broken heart. During a difficult breakup, the sudden death of a loved one or any other heartbreaking event, negative emotions take over our bodies. The fear processing center of the brain, […]

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