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Q&A: Dear Social Actor

Tweet Dear Social Actor, While your main question is how to kill your libido, you might benefit from addressing issues that make you want to do that: (1) feeling disconnected from people and (2) obsessing about women and compulsively acting on these obsessive thoughts.  One form of self-therapy to consider is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT […]

Single Women and Dating

Tweet The dating game has changed. Many singles no longer date–they hook up. A hookup is a casual sexual encounter, usually after a party or night out, with no commitment to future encounters. In contrast, a date is a planned romantic encounter between two people that may or may not involve sex and that usually […]

Q&A: My girlfriend’s mom told her she deserved someone better than me

Tweet I grew up the chunky kid and never had a girlfriend until I graduated high school. I got a job that was very physical and I dropped 50 lbs and got pretty muscular as well. I started dating this girl and fell head over heels in love with her. She was everything to me […]

How to Detect a Liar Online

Tweet More than 20 million people visit online dating services every months. Lots and lots of these daters are highly successful. They meet their soul mate or a lifelong partner online using this approach. But there is also a lot of bullshit out there. Some online-daters put up photos from 20 years ago or borrow […]

Q&A: Can I ask a guy out on a date?

Tweet This guy in my biology course is really cute. We have talked a couple of times but he hasn’t asked me out or anything. How do I show him I am interested in him? Can I invite him out? How do I do it? Dear L., Even though we now write 2011, it is […]

Herpes Myths

Tweet I was just preparing my sexual ethics lecture for Monday on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and relationships, and it occurred to me how little people actually know about STIs. While most people are reasonably informed about HIV and its transmission conditions, people are, in my opinion, close to naive about the Herpes and HPV […]

Making people laugh

Tweet Should you be all serious on your first date or a bit of a stand-up comedian? Aim for somewhere in between. Humor is good. In moderation. Humor can break ice, diffuse tense situations and strengthen bonds. Humor is one of the traits that most people value in a partner. But keep it light. What […]

Irrational Dating Behavior

Tweet Most of us are highly irrational. We take a small chance of harm very seriously even when we shouldn’t. In recent studies it was shown that when people are presented with the option of buying two cars, both equipped with airbags, they will choose the car with the least effective airbag in some circumstances. […]

Speak Like Me

The lesson is loud and clear: If you want to make someone interested in you, imitate their speech and writing patterns!

Why First Impressions are So Important

OK, admit it. Not a good first impression. There is no need to call attention to all the negative things you can think off about yourself the first time you meet a new person.

But no big deal, you can make up for it later, right?

WRONG! First impressions last.

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