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Two more media mentions of the Romantic Love book

Tweet Huffington Post here and The New Republic here Share

Q&A: Should I reach out one more time?

Tweet Dear Desperate Girl, You met this guy and he invited you on a couple of dates. Before each date he was completely “on,” doing everything in his power to lur you in. Then he dropped the ball. You haven’t heard from him since. We get it “Desperate Girl.” You think he might have lost […]

Q&A: I miss having sex with my former lover

Tweet I am a married woman from India. I am happy with my hubby but after 8 months together with him I crossed my limits. I had sex with our family friend who is completely like my dream man. But now he is moving away from my city. We still talk but we are no […]

Q&A: My husband had a non-sexual affair. Is that possible?

Tweet My husband had an affair that lasted at least one and a half years. He (and she) swears there was no sex. Is that really a possibility? “Janice” (not her real name) Share

Q&A: My husband doesn’t want to have sex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit, My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years. We dated monogamously for 3 years before that. Up until about a year ago, we had a normal and mutually gratifying sex life. Then suddenly, it stopped. We’ve had sex once in that time, 9 months ago, after I […]

Q&A: Should I make my lover divorce his wife?

Tweet My husband and I had seperated for a little over a year and I started dating this man that told me he was going through a divorce. After about six months of dating he told me he needed to discuss something with me but he was very afraid of loosing me. He opened up […]

When Are You Actually Flirting?

Tweet I want to share a few thoughts from today’s sexual ethics class, which I am co-teaching with my colleague Dr. Eric Wiland. Today’s class was devoted to the topic of flirting, in particular, the issue of what flirting is. What does the nature of flirting have to do with ethics? Dr. Wiland brought up […]

Q&A: Should I get back together with my ex?

Tweet I have been dating this one guy for 3 years and I care about him a lot but lots of things have gone wrong in our relationship. Almost 2 years into our relationship we broke up for a short period of time for some stupid reason, I can’t even remember why, but within the […]

Q&A: I am in love with my friend

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit. I had two best friends, both flat mates and best friends with each other and we were like a trio – lets call them A and C. One night we were all out and got quite drunk and me and A kissed. Initially I was pretty upset about it but we […]

Q&A: I cheated on my boyfriend

Tweet Dear Brit, My name is “Chloe.” I’m 14, yes a little young, I know, but my life has changed. On July 13, 2010, I met this boy on My Space. I knew him from the school I used to go to. He’s 16 going on 17 in two months. Anyways, I met him that […]

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