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Q&A: Getting Over An Abusive Ex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Amy B., I just got dumped from a 9-year relationship with someone who emotionally abused me. You’re probably thinking, ‘Great! You just dodged a bullet.’ And that’s what all my friends say, but I don’t believe it. I want him back, and if he called me up right now and said, “I’m sorry,” I would […]

Feature of the love book in Miami Herald

Tweet Here is a feature of my latest book On Romantic Love in Miami Herald.                         In On Romantic Love, Berit Brogaard attempts to get to the bottom of love’s many contradictions. This short book, informed by both historical and cutting edge philosophy, psychology, and […]

The Breakup Cleanse iPhone App (Just 99¢ on iTunes)

Tweet It’s a new year, though some of us may have heartache leftover from 2013. If you find yourself pining over an ex, maybe it’s time for a breakup detoxification. Those familiar with Dr. Brit‘s work know she co-wrote The Breakup Cleanse: 28 Day Miracle Mind-Body Heart Break Recovery System, which advises people on how to cope with grief […]

Making breakups less complicated: Renting vs. owning

Tweet It may seem like a dream. You have met the love of your life, and you want to move in together. You have always dreamed of owning your own house, having a home of your own. You and your SO find a cheap starter house, finalize the deal and move in. You are living […]

10 quick tips to improve your mood

Tweet 1. Smile and laugh. You might have to force yourself to smile. But practice smiling while talking to people. It will make you seem more approachable and help improve your mood. Laughter is even better for improving mood. Search YouTube for short videos with bound-to-make-you-laugh stand-up comedians, such as Ellen DeGeneres. 2. Plan a […]

20 random facts about dating, sex, breakups and divorce

Tweet 1. According to a TED talk by David McCandless, most breakups are announced on Mondays, most breakups occur right before Spring Break and right before Christmas. 2. 15% of women in the US send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. 3. A rabbi in L.A. invented speed dating in 1999 as an extension of a […]

Adrafinil for post-breakup fatigue

Tweet An unexpected breakup can lead to anxiety and depression, especially during the first few weeks following the breakup. However, you may continue to suffer from the traumatic event even once the immediate shock resides and life starts to return to normal. Common long-term effects of an unexpected breakup include mental confusion, memory problems, difficulties […]

Mucuna Pruriens for post-breakup depression

Tweet The time immediately following a difficult breakup often is accompanied by both sadness and a manic state of mind. Your temporary insanity may lead you to beg, bribe or threaten your ex to come back. Though this time is extremely unpleasant, your energy levels are far from low. But once you have recovered from […]

Top ten ways to get over a breakup

Tweet The time immediately following the shock of a breakup and the time of a mad obsession are driven by the overflow of stress chemicals released by your brain in response to what is happening to you. This is a time when you are likely to act crazy! Breakup chemistry is insanity chemistry. Temper your […]

Q&A: I broke up with my boyfriend because he gave me mixed signals

Tweet Recently I met and dated a man whom I could have loved very much; I called off the relationship because he gave me mixed signals that were painful and confusing. He shared with me that he grew up without a father and was spanked (beaten) daily by his mother as a child. He qualified […]

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