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Feature of the love book in Miami Herald

Tweet Here is a feature of my latest book On Romantic Love in Miami Herald.                         In On Romantic Love, Berit Brogaard attempts to get to the bottom of love’s many contradictions. This short book, informed by both historical and cutting edge philosophy, psychology, and […]

On Romantic Love is out!

Tweet My new book is out! Yay!                       Its overview: “Romantic love presents some of life’s most challenging questions. Can we choose who to love? Is romantic love rational? Can we love more than one person at a time?And can we make ourselves fall out […]

Adolescents are Prone to Love Addiction

Tweet Adolescence spans from roughly age twelve to as late as twenty-five, with the late teens and early twenties sometimes called ‘emerging adulthood.’ During this important and exciting phase of life, individuals transition from being children to being adults. Specific aspects of physical, social, and personality maturation affect the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of adolescents. […]

Q&A: Help me stop thinking about my ex girlfriend

Tweet I need your help please. My ex and I broke up in the beginning of November. I dated a girl before this last one for six years and thought she was it. I loved her so much I wanted to marry her. Things didn’t work, we broke up and as soon as we did, […]

Q&A: Why we hate our ex’s

Tweet I’ve run into a few people that seem to absolutely hate every single one of their ex’s. They seem to never take responsibility for the hand they had in the breakup, and seem to dump everything on their ex’s. It, in fact, doesn’t matter who’s fault it really was that the relationship failed, it […]

Q&A: Why does love make me feel sick in the stomach?

Tweet Why is it that whenever I see my loved one, my heart beats harder and I feel sick in the stomach and chest area? “Harrison” (not his real name) Dear “Harrison,” Thanks for your great question. The beginning stages of a love relationship are characterized by uncertainty, thrill, newness, excitement, motivation and reward. Seeing […]

Q&A: Am I happy in my marriage?

Tweet I’m married – I have been for 28 years. Two years, I met someone who is the love of my life. We have not had a physical affair, but we are very emotionally attached. A year ago, my very first high school crush contacted me after an absence of 35 years and has attempted […]

Breakups and Complicated Grief

Tweet The emotional responses to a severe breakup can resemble the responses to death. This is no coincidence. When a loved one dies, you grieve. But death is not the only trigger of grief. Grief can occur after any kind of loss: The loss of a job, the loss of a limb, the loss of […]

Men Who Hate Women

Tweet The misogynists. You may have heard of them. But what you may not know is that they can be anywhere around you. They are notoriously hard to spot. They do not come with a label attached to them, and they may even come across as woman lovers. In most cases, misogynists do not know […]

The Breakup Cleanse: How Hurt Feelings are Imprinted in Memory

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