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Q&A: Dear Social Actor

Tweet Dear Social Actor, While your main question is how to kill your libido, you might benefit from addressing issues that make you want to do that: (1) feeling disconnected from people and (2) obsessing about women and compulsively acting on these obsessive thoughts.  One form of self-therapy to consider is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT […]

Q&A: I miss having sex with my former lover

Tweet I am a married woman from India. I am happy with my hubby but after 8 months together with him I crossed my limits. I had sex with our family friend who is completely like my dream man. But now he is moving away from my city. We still talk but we are no […]

When Are You Actually Flirting?

Tweet I want to share a few thoughts from today’s sexual ethics class, which I am co-teaching with my colleague Dr. Eric Wiland. Today’s class was devoted to the topic of flirting, in particular, the issue of what flirting is. What does the nature of flirting have to do with ethics? Dr. Wiland brought up […]

Q&A: Why can’t I keep a girlfriend?

Tweet I have posted on here in the past about several different relationships. I asked for help getting over “Gold” and asked for help understanding what happened with “Fran”. I have had another girlfriend since then, and that fell apart and was quite painful. I’ve had four relationships total, and it seems the last three […]

Q&A: How do I make him fall in love with me?

Tweet Hi Dr. Brit. I would like to know if there is any possible way to make a man fall head over heels in love with you even if you already had sex with him many times. Yours Respectfully, “Carly” (not her real name) Dear “Carly,” It is certainly possible with some men. A man […]

Women are More Attracted to Men Who May (or May Not) be Really Into Them, Study finds

Tweet Hard-to-get is an old trick that used to be reserved for women. Those who knew the trick would not be up front about whether they were seeing other men and would hold off on sex until marriage or some other equivalent commitment. Most importantly, they wouldn’t let the guy know their true feelings about […]

Friends with benefits: What are the benefits?

Tweet You probably have heard the expression “Friends with benefits”. But what exactly is it? As the phrase is normally used, it has nothing to do with friendship. Quite on the contrary. To be friends with benefits, the following conditions must be in place: 1. You and your “friend” must have sex frequently. 2. Having […]

Speak Like Me

The lesson is loud and clear: If you want to make someone interested in you, imitate their speech and writing patterns!

Why First Impressions are So Important

OK, admit it. Not a good first impression. There is no need to call attention to all the negative things you can think off about yourself the first time you meet a new person.

But no big deal, you can make up for it later, right?

WRONG! First impressions last.

Powerful Posture and Dating

Tweet You are ready to go on a first date. You showered and put on your best outfit. You even rehearsed a few clever remarks to possible questions. So, everything should be in order, right? Wrong. The key to attraction is self-confidence. No date is going to feel attracted to you if you are all […]

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