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Your Attachment Style Can Change

Tweet Find where you are on this chart by taking this quiz. Someone wrote us recently asking about the permanence of one’s attachment style. Does a person strictly have one attachment style? Can a person’s attachment style change? Why do I feel needy with one person and apathetic with another? These questions raise issues about the continuity of security in relationships: (1) whether a person’s attachment […]

Talk about love at Books & Books on Friday at 6:30 pm

Tweet UPDATE: THE EVENT IS AT 6:30, NOT 8 PM If you are in Miami, feel free to come to this event at Books & Books on Aragon Avenue this coming Friday, the day before Valentine’s day, at 6:30 pm. Romantic love presents some of life’s most challenging questions. Can we choose who to love? […]

Two more media mentions of the Romantic Love book

Tweet Huffington Post here and The New Republic here Share

Feature of the love book in Miami Herald

Tweet Here is a feature of my latest book On Romantic Love in Miami Herald.                         In On Romantic Love, Berit Brogaard attempts to get to the bottom of love’s many contradictions. This short book, informed by both historical and cutting edge philosophy, psychology, and […]

On Romantic Love is out!

Tweet My new book is out! Yay!                       Its overview: “Romantic love presents some of life’s most challenging questions. Can we choose who to love? Is romantic love rational? Can we love more than one person at a time?And can we make ourselves fall out […]

Can Animals Love?

Tweet Whether animals can experience romantic love is unknown. But there is some evidence that they are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we can. The brains of many mammals are surprisingly similar to the human brain. Take as an example the brain of a cat. A cat’s brain is small compared […]

Q&A: I have avoidance issues. What should I do about my relationship?

Tweet I have recently come to believe I have an insecure attachment style and that it is probably fearful avoidance. I want to be in a loving relationship but I have never been emotionally close to anyone. Not my family or a girlfriend or anything. I have no problem with lust, I am highly critical […]

Q&A: I want my avoidant boyfriend back

Tweet My ex and I fell hard for each other a little over a year ago. We had an nine month relationship which were the happiest of my life. I am fairly certain he was happy for a majority of those too. He told me he loved me constantly and his face lit up when […]

Q&A: Is there a way to truly overcome an insecure avoidant attachment style?

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit, Due to a childhood filled with emotional neglect, parentification and domestic violence I suspect to have developed an insecure avoidant attachment style. For the most part of my life I have been able to avoid real relationships, have entered only relationships that I could ‘manage’ and control. There have only been […]

Q&A: I thought my mom abandoned me

Tweet As a child, I was raised by my grandmother because my mother was only 17 when she had me. Soon after, she had my brother with my step dad and they ended up moving. I stayed with my grandmother and so I grew up thinking that my mother basically abandoned me. Even though she […]

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