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Q&A: Getting Over An Abusive Ex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Amy B., I just got dumped from a 9-year relationship with someone who emotionally abused me. You’re probably thinking, ‘Great! You just dodged a bullet.’ And that’s what all my friends say, but I don’t believe it. I want him back, and if he called me up right now and said, “I’m sorry,” I would […]

Q&A: Should I reach out one more time?

Tweet Dear Desperate Girl, You met this guy and he invited you on a couple of dates. Before each date he was completely “on,” doing everything in his power to lur you in. Then he dropped the ball. You haven’t heard from him since. We get it “Desperate Girl.” You think he might have lost […]

Q&A: Long-Distant Phone Fights

Tweet Re: “Little Fight” Dear Long-distant-er, From what you describe, you and your boyfriend are having problems understanding each other, as evidenced by your boyfriend hanging up on you when he thinks you don’t know what he’s saying. This brings up a second, more serious issue with your relationship: your boyfriend shows disdain for you, which is not healthy for […]

Q&A: Big Age Gap

Tweet Dear College Student, The age difference between you and your sister’s boss is not as worrisome as the fact that the two of you want entirely different things. You are a 22-year old college student and want a relationship that goes beyond casual sex. He is a 46-year old successful entrepreneur who doesn’t really […]

Q&A: Dear Social Actor

Tweet Dear Social Actor, While your main question is how to kill your libido, you might benefit from addressing issues that make you want to do that: (1) feeling disconnected from people and (2) obsessing about women and compulsively acting on these obsessive thoughts.  One form of self-therapy to consider is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT […]

The Breakup Cleanse iPhone App (Just 99¢ on iTunes)

Tweet It’s a new year, though some of us may have heartache leftover from 2013. If you find yourself pining over an ex, maybe it’s time for a breakup detoxification. Those familiar with Dr. Brit‘s work know she co-wrote The Breakup Cleanse: 28 Day Miracle Mind-Body Heart Break Recovery System, which advises people on how to cope with grief […]

Q&A: Help me stop thinking about my ex girlfriend

Tweet I need your help please. My ex and I broke up in the beginning of November. I dated a girl before this last one for six years and thought she was it. I loved her so much I wanted to marry her. Things didn’t work, we broke up and as soon as we did, […]

Q&A: I want my avoidant boyfriend back

Tweet My ex and I fell hard for each other a little over a year ago. We had an nine month relationship which were the happiest of my life. I am fairly certain he was happy for a majority of those too. He told me he loved me constantly and his face lit up when […]

Q&A: My new boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex anymore

Tweet Dan and I met July last year — 3 months after he was widowed. Dan was married monogomously for 50 years and took care of her for the past 7 years before her death. Our relationship was fast and furious for the first 2 months and we really matched in most of our interest […]

Q&A: I just want these obsessive thoughts to stop

Tweet Hello Dr. Brit, I am currently reading your book, the Breakup Cleanse. My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago and since then my mind has been obsessing over the past and him… continuously. I am trying to let go and move forward but I don’t know how. A few details of […]

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