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What is a ‘psychological disorder’?

Tweet When it comes to navigating personal relationships, it’s to our advantage to be sensitive to mental health issues. Our mental health as well as the mental health of those we love is crucial to successful interaction. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around one in four adults in the United States is diagnosable for one […]

The Breakup Cleanse iPhone App (Just 99¢ on iTunes)

Tweet It’s a new year, though some of us may have heartache leftover from 2013. If you find yourself pining over an ex, maybe it’s time for a breakup detoxification. Those familiar with Dr. Brit‘s work know she co-wrote The Breakup Cleanse: 28 Day Miracle Mind-Body Heart Break Recovery System, which advises people on how to cope with grief […]

About Irritability

Tweet Normally an astute and happy kid, 12-year-old Chase Edwards had suddenly become irritable and sulky. Chase’s parents didn’t realize that his irritability was more than just puberty hormonal changes until he decided to end his life. Chase’s case shows that irritability, particularly in children and adolescents, can be a symptom of an underlying life-threatening […]

Emotionally Damaging Relationships and Anxiety Addiction

Tweet By Ryan Rivera Contrary to popular belief, drugs are not the only thing that is addictive. You can be addicted to exercising. You can be addicted to chocolate. You can also be addicted to your own emotions. It’s not uncommon to find that if you suffer from one emotion for too long, your body […]

Q&A: People who are unable to love

Tweet Hi there, I wanted to ask for your opinion on a recent relationship of mine.  My boyfriend and I broke up about 5 months ago after a year long relationship.  I’m 30, he was 34. Throughout the relationship I was unsure about whether it was what he really wanted as he seemed to not […]

Q&A: Why do I keep putting up with verbally abusive behavior?

Tweet I thank you for your previous response as I wrote to you on May 1st, and I have been following up with the suggested readings and have entered counseling. However, I made a stupid mistake. I took him back. About 6 weeks ago I found out I had breast cancer and had subsequently received […]

Q&A: Anxiety and the Amygdala

Tweet I heard the amygdala gets larger when you suffer from anxiety. Is that true? “Martin” (not his real name) Dear “Martin” Yes, it is true. Or, at least the amount of gray matter in the amygdala, a small almond-shaped part of the subcortical brain in the temporal lobe, increases. See e.g. this article. There […]

Virtual Reality as a Treatment of Emotional Pain

Tweet Kim Borkowski, an excellent graduate student in our neuroscience program, called my attention to some fascinating work done by Barbara Rothbaum, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Rothbaum studied under Edna Foa, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at […]

Beliefs and Brain Chemistry

Tweet Romance, love, sex, breakups and obsessions affect our brain chemistry. The most exciting and upsetting of these states have the same chemical profile as anxiety disorders or a “trip” induced by drugs. Love obsessions are chemically akin to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Both conditions involve instabilities to the dopamine and serotonin systems. Typically, there is an […]

The Fearless Woman

Tweet Adrenaline is one of the main ingredients in the love chemical cocktail that floods the blood vessels of people during the honeymoon phase of new relationships, after breakups and in cases of unrequited love. High levels of adrenaline, in turn, are closely correlated with fear. It has long been suspected that the amygdala, a […]

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