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Q&A: Getting Over An Abusive Ex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Amy B., I just got dumped from a 9-year relationship with someone who emotionally abused me. You’re probably thinking, ‘Great! You just dodged a bullet.’ And that’s what all my friends say, but I don’t believe it. I want him back, and if he called me up right now and said, “I’m sorry,” I would […]

Brain Trauma Can Cause Compulsive Sexual Desires

Tweet Yesterday, ABC posted this interesting story about how brain trauma spurred hypersexuality in two woman. Brain trauma more often causes a decrease in libido. However, sometimes it causes an increase in libido, as in the case of Alissa, a 23-year-old who suffered a car accident, and Heather, a 43-year-old who suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. An increase […]

Adolescents are Prone to Love Addiction

Tweet Adolescence spans from roughly age twelve to as late as twenty-five, with the late teens and early twenties sometimes called ‘emerging adulthood.’ During this important and exciting phase of life, individuals transition from being children to being adults. Specific aspects of physical, social, and personality maturation affect the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of adolescents. […]

Q&A: Help me stop thinking about my ex girlfriend

Tweet I need your help please. My ex and I broke up in the beginning of November. I dated a girl before this last one for six years and thought she was it. I loved her so much I wanted to marry her. Things didn’t work, we broke up and as soon as we did, […]

A different kind of lovesick love: A mother who loves too much

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Emotionally Damaging Relationships and Anxiety Addiction

Tweet By Ryan Rivera Contrary to popular belief, drugs are not the only thing that is addictive. You can be addicted to exercising. You can be addicted to chocolate. You can also be addicted to your own emotions. It’s not uncommon to find that if you suffer from one emotion for too long, your body […]

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