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Q&A: Getting Over An Abusive Ex

Tweet Dear Dr. Brit and Amy B., I just got dumped from a 9-year relationship with someone who emotionally abused me. You’re probably thinking, ‘Great! You just dodged a bullet.’ And that’s what all my friends say, but I don’t believe it. I want him back, and if he called me up right now and said, “I’m sorry,” I would […]

Q&A: Long-Distant Phone Fights

Tweet Re: “Little Fight” Dear Long-distant-er, From what you describe, you and your boyfriend are having problems understanding each other, as evidenced by your boyfriend hanging up on you when he thinks you don’t know what he’s saying. This brings up a second, more serious issue with your relationship: your boyfriend shows disdain for you, which is not healthy for […]

A different kind of lovesick love: A mother who loves too much

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Q&A: I broke up with my boyfriend because he gave me mixed signals

Tweet Recently I met and dated a man whom I could have loved very much; I called off the relationship because he gave me mixed signals that were painful and confusing. He shared with me that he grew up without a father and was spanked (beaten) daily by his mother as a child. He qualified […]

Q&A: I just want these obsessive thoughts to stop

Tweet Hello Dr. Brit, I am currently reading your book, the Breakup Cleanse. My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago and since then my mind has been obsessing over the past and him… continuously. I am trying to let go and move forward but I don’t know how. A few details of […]

Q&A: My boyfriend kept hitting the back of my head three to four times

Tweet Hi Doctor Brit, I have been in a relationship with my bf for 4 years +. Last Saturday we had a big argument in his car. It (the issue) was clearly his fault. I couldn’t accept his explanations and attempted to get out of his car and run away. He stopped me by pulling […]

Emotionally Damaging Relationships and Anxiety Addiction

Tweet By Ryan Rivera Contrary to popular belief, drugs are not the only thing that is addictive. You can be addicted to exercising. You can be addicted to chocolate. You can also be addicted to your own emotions. It’s not uncommon to find that if you suffer from one emotion for too long, your body […]

Q&A: My girlfriend left for no real reason

Tweet I was in a relationship with a woman for almost ten years who would suddenly leave me while I was gone from our apartment… “for no real reason”. This pattern repeated three times, leaving me very insecure about future relationships with women. She came from an alcoholic home, as I did, and had had abusive relationships with the […]

Q&A: My boyfriend wants to have sex with me while I am unconscious

Tweet Dr. Brit: I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me! We’ve ben together for 4 months. but it feels like forever! Lately, he has wanted to take our relationship to the next step. We’ve already had sex but now he wants to do even more. His mom is a dental assistant and […]

Q&A: How do I deal with my boyfriend’s confidence issues?

Tweet Hi Dr. Brit, I have a question about my boyfriend. He is 18 and i am 16. He lives in Canada and I live in Boston. He was perfect for the first 3ish months and then he started changing. Now he has had a hard past being a victim of bullying, depression and even molestation. […]

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