Q&A: Should I reach out one more time?

Woman waiting to receive a text messageDear Desperate Girl,

You met this guy and he invited you on a couple of dates. Before each date he was completely “on,” doing everything in his power to lur you in. Then he dropped the ball. You haven’t heard from him since.
We get it “Desperate Girl.” You think he might have lost your number and email address. Perhaps he is sick, or maybe he is sitting by the bedside of his dying aunt.

Maybe. The likelihood, though, is that he is not man enough to tell you how he feels. How does he feel? Well, he most likely doesn’t dislike you. But he is not interested in you romantically. That’s why you haven’t heard from him. If he were interested, he would have been in touch.
Are there exceptions to that? Sure. Very very very occasionally a guy is so shy that he needs his partner to do all the asking. If he is that shy, you’d know it by now. He is not shy. He invited you out on dates a few times. That’s airtight proof that he is not a shy guy.
There is also the possibility that he is very interested in you but that he already has a partner or spouse. In that case, you are unlikely to win (especially if he has kids). Besides, you wouldn’t want him anyway, because people who cheat on their partners will continue to do so in future relationships. You can’t cure him.

Best wishes,

Amy & Brit

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