New project: what is love?

University of British Columbia philosopher Carrie Jenkins is currently conducting a longitudinal project devoted to the question of what love is. If you want to contribute, you can add your observations and experiences of romantic love on Twitter using the Twitter hashtag #romanticloveis.

UBC philosopher Carrie Jenkins thinking about the metaphysics of love.

UBC philosopher Carrie Jenkins thinking about the metaphysics of love.








Here is a representative quote from the news article: Having long been fascinated with the concept of romantic love, Jenkins says she decided to put her philosophical toolkit of argumentative strategies to work: “If you go back to Plato, it’s really central for his philosophy. Whereas nowadays, if you study philosophy as an undergrad, you’re unlikely to study the philosophy of love.” And it’s more than just an intellectual exercise. Jenkins points out that her project has practical relevance: “Often, we make big life decisions based on whether we think we’re in love. If you don’t have a definition of what love is, you can make bad decisions. You could think you’re being loved and you’re not. You can get into all kinds of situations that are actually problematic,” she insists. “What happens when you think you’ve fallen in love with someone and it turns out to be an online persona they created that has no reality to it?” she continues. “Have you fallen in love with nothing? Have you fallen in love with something, but it’s a fiction? Or have you not fallen in love at all?”

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